Zambia starts rationing already expensive meali meal

Zambia starts rationing already expensive meali meal

While the PF is running around looking for someone to blame, the country is about to run out of mealie meal, the staple food. And the price of mealie meal has reached K150, 000 per bag in some parts of the country.

For the first time since Edith Nawakwi’s Carlington maize scandal, the country has started rationing mealie meal.

Shoprite and other big outlets have started restricting the the number of bags a person can buy. In notices to customers, Shoprite says from now onwards, the giant supermarket will only be selling one bag of meali meal to each customer whether that customer has a big, extended family or not. Further, it does not matter whether the person is buying breakfast or roller meal.

Last year, the PF government announced and did spend billions of Kwacha purchasing the so-called solar-powered milling plants with the aim of reducing the prices of mealie meal.

The PF had announced that by February 2016, a bag of mealie meal will be going for K20.

Out going President Edgar Lungu said government was working with ZCF to set up solar-powered hammer mills to help reduce the price of mealie-meal and that the initiative would create over 3,000 jobs for Zambians. So far the PF has bought 200 of these fake Chinese machines but there is now an accute shortage of mealie meal and when it is available, it costs more than K100, 000 (old currency) per bag.



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