Zambia still worse than Zimbabwe

Zambia still worse than Zimbabwe




By Shiellah Siband (Zim Eye)

Following the airport incident on Tuesday, more shocking proof has emerged showing that Zambia is still worse than Zimbabwe after 6 Presidential changes from its founding President Kenneth Kaunda. On Tuesday, President Edgar Lungu who enjoys seeing his ministers kneel before him in order to greet him, was found behaving worse than Adolf Hitler embarrassing his cabinet Minister whose male colleague he stopped from flying out of the country on no other grounds other than that he is her soul mate, READ MORE. (Article continues below).

Cabinet minister kneels before President Edgar Lungu

generations apart but still the same spirit… Lungu with Robert Mugabe

Nothing has changed 6 President’s later… Lungu with Robert Mugabe. Ironically Kenneth Kaunda is also present (right)
Zambia has had 6 changes of Presidents since Kaunda’s hand over : Fred Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata, Guy Scott, and now Edgar Lungu. But the Zimbabwe’s cousin nation is still far worse than Zimbabwe.

More Toyota cars in Zambia than Japan?

One of my colleagues at the weekend shared this observation on the Zimbabwe Without Borders forum, a critic replied me saying, “when last were you in Zambia? I think there are more Toyota cars in Zambia than Japan … I have been to Zambia 3 times and will go this year. Rwanda, Zambia Kenya Ghana, Namibia, Botswana seem to be best countries in Africa at the moment.”

Zimbabwe also better than Britain, FACT!

But surely, how can you measure a nation’s economic and political progress by the number of Toyota cars it has? And just how many Toyota cars are there in Zambia? Tell us then, before we tell you how many potholes there are in Zambia’s roads; how many delapidated hospitals, schools and buildings, and also how many impassable roads the country has. In all critical analyses and study, variables are used and you used this example to try and prove a point. You measured Zambia’s progress by the number of Toyota cars it has. Is that your reliable measurement? While there is for instance better 4G technology and more mobile e-commerce in Zimbabwe than in UK, does that make Zimbabwe superior to UK?

“Did you know that Zambia’s latest elections last year were rigged Mudede style fully and all this filmed on camera?”, my mate asked. He continued: “Have we forgotten how just last year 26 years after Kaunda quit politics, Edgar Lungu’s ballot figures were found inflated and in one case the government’s election manager on LIVE television announced results with a straight 29,000 figure stashed inside superseding the total absolute number of voters in one constituency?”

Mugabe’s successor in ZPF is the Devil himself

All these factors illustrate that a nation’s problems are not in a person but in a culture and in a spirit. Removing Mugabe will not solve the problem, it will make it worse. At present for instance, analysts say the same man who alone can fit in Robert Mugabe’s shoes right now is 7 times more the Devil than him. Quite frankly, the person who wants to replace Mugabe at present is the Devil himself. To use a Spiritometre, this man’s evil can easily be obtained. This is a subject for another day and I shall deal with it in the next installment.

It be done, but will you do it?

Zambia has not changed over a quarter of a century later. The nation is not changing in the same way Zimbabwe is also failing; all this will continue unless and until something is done to fix the problem that sits at the centre of the human soul of both the Zambian and the Zimbabwean. It can be done, but will it be done, and will you yourself do

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