Zambia suffering from elections fatigue

Dear Editor
Like many Zambians, I am very saddened by the constant elections we have experienced as a country since the PF government came to power in September 2011. It has been 2 years of continuous elections, campaigning, vote rigging and violence to the extent that the country is now suffering from an acute disease called election fatigue (election fatigiosis).
There is nothing that Zambians and the PF leadership have been talking about for 2 years but just byelections, byelections,byelections!!! Which explains the lack of meaningful development taking place in our country except the finishing up of the projects initiated by the hero of the Zambian people, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) – we shall always miss his luminary leadership. If all the time is devoted to elections, where can the PF find time to think about any meaningful development about from excessive corruption and constant reshuffling of low caliber ministers?
One of the ministers had even the audacity to expose his low mental capacity by stating that byelections were budgeted for in the national budget! Let me ask him to explain under which budgetary item does this come under. And how can you budget for something when you dont know how many of it (byelections) you are going to have? This is shallow thinking of the worst kind.
The PF president himself tried to use the constitution to justify these useless byelections! Can’t he realize that people are suffering and dying despite the provisions of the constitution? How many deaths of innocent Zambians have been lost on the Great North Road and on the Kitwe-Chingola road since the PF came into office? Are the lives of these beloved brothers and sisters of ours which have been lost unnecessarily count for nothing to this PF government? Are constitutional rights to cross the floor and defect to other parties more important than the loss of lives of our fellow citizens? Has the PF any morality and humanity in it for it to behave in this manner? This is the scandal of the century for our country and it is unconscienable in this day and time. All the collosal sums of money spent on these useless byelections would have built a dual carriageway from Livingstone to Solwezi by now. This is all that the Zambian people are crying for.
It is simply a matter of identifying the dangerous spots on this stretch of the road network and make them dual carriageways. Then next keep on closing the gaps and before you know it the highway is done. This is the NAREP way of thinking about important issues.
In simple language, what the Zambians are saying is that by promising and giving the defectors positions in the PF government, this government is encouraging the defections and consequently the holding of unnecessary byelections. Prove us wrong by not doing this and you shall see that these defections will come to a sudden stop. They are driven by the politics of benefit due to the high levels of poverty and its ugly offshoots of excessive opportunism and political prostitution currently at play here in Zambia. This is not rocket science for the PF to fail to grasp it!!
So the PF government should understand that Zambia is suffering from this serious disease of election fatigiosis and we are sick and tired of it. The country needs relief from these constant byelections now.
Umutima pa Bantu (staunch NAREP member)


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