Zambia tells Rwandan refugees to pack and go

Thanks for the good job of imforming the world.
A meeting was held on 26th January 2012 in Meheba Refugee Camp by UNHCR officials and the Refuge Officer.At this meeting, Angolan refugees were told to pack their things and be repatriated to Angola between now and May 31st 2012.This is not voluntary repatriation; and forcing a refugee to go back to their country of origin is a serious breach of the United Nations Declaration of Refugees’ rights.Am wondering why UNHCR is busy threatening refugees instead of protecting them and educating them on their rights.What I know is that 3 things must be put in place when closing a refugee camp:
1.Voluntary repatriation to country of origin
2.Local integration
3.Being resettled to a third country.
None of the above measures are being talked about by the UNHCR officials or by the Refuge Officer(Government worker). I know for sure that the constitution of the republic of zambia does not allow local for local integration,henceforth,the UNHCR officials must concentrate on voluntary repatriation and resettlement.The refuge officer talks to refugees  as if they are not human beings.I wonder if the UNHCR country representative is aware of the refugees’ rights being trampled upon by Officials who are supposed to protect innocent refugees.Angolans should go to their country but it should happen in a dignified manner; human rights and refuges’ rights must be respected.
It is my prayer that you are going to publish this so that the world at large gets to know what is happening in Zambia.If you cannot rely on this, I am kindly asking you to send one of your journalists to Meheba refuge camp,let that journalist interview some refugees in Meheba.Once more, I will be very grateful if I see this on your website.
Deeply concerned citizen of the world, Solwezi

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