Zambia to evacuate citizens from Libya

The Zambia Government is preparing to evacuate its nationals from Libya due to the ongoing violence in that country.

Zambia’s foreign affairs minister Kabinga Pande said in the capital Lusaka on Wednesday that 42 Zambians will be flwon out of Libya anytime.

He said those to be evacuated include embassy staff and a footballer. He gave no plan of how the evacuation will be done from a country where some people especially Indians have been killed while trying to flee.

And Reuters reports that most developed countries are currently evacuating their citizens from Libya. Some of the countries are:

UK: Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Tuesday Britain planned to send a charter plane to Libya to bring out Britons and was dispatching a Royal Navy frigate to waters off Libya in case it was needed to help nationals.

BOSNIA: A Bosnian plane, due to evacuate from Tripoli the first group out of up to 1,500 Bosnian citizens from Libya, is awaiting a permit from authorities there, said Zoran Perkovic, the assistant foreign minister. Bosnia has also agreed another emergency flight for its citizens with Libyan carrier Buraq Air, also awaiting a permit.

BULGARIA: A Bulgarian government airplane took off for Tripoli and a second plane was due to depart on Tuesday to evacuate Bulgarian citizens, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. About 1,500 Bulgarians live and work in Libya, some in Libya’s second biggest city of Benghazi.

CANADA: Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said on Tuesday Canada intended to evacuate its citizens. Ottawa, which earlier in the day said it had no such plans, announced the evacuation after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi vowed to crush a growing revolt. Cannon said the first Canadian flight would arrive in Tripoli on Thursday. Of the 321 Canadians registered with the embassy, 91 have so far expressed a wish to leave.

FRANCE: The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday evening two planes had landed in Tripoli and passengers had started boarding. A third military plane is still in France, on standby waiting to fly to Tripoli on Wednesday if needed.

GERMANY: Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said all Germans remaining in Libya should leave the country. The Foreign Ministry would assist their repatriation where necessary.

GREECE: A Greek cargo ship sailed to Libya to evacuate Greek nationals, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. It will repatriate Greek citizens on Wednesday, the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

About 300 Greeks live in Libya, a ministry official said. The government has also said it would send military C-130 transport aircraft. Additionally Greek passenger ships are also heading to Libya to collect Europeans and about 15,000 Chinese home through the island of Crete.

* INDIA: India is finalizing plans to evacuate all 18,000 of its nationals from Libya, the country’s foreign secretary said late on Tuesday, hours after local media reported the death of an Indian in a road collision in the country.

India’s foreign ministry plans to move 13,000 nationals in Tripoli to Tunisia, and the remainder in the east of the country to Egypt, before transferring them on ships and aircraft, the Indian Express reported on Wednesday, citing a ministry official.

IRAN: Iran has stopped its oil related activities in Libya and will evacuate staff from its National Iranian Drilling Company in the next 48 hours, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Tuesday.

ITALY: Italy plans to send a flight to Tripoli on Tuesday to bring back Italians who want to leave Libya, a Foreign Ministry source said.

JAPAN: Kyodo news agency reported that about 20 Japanese people in Libya were set to leave the country on Tuesday on charter flights. About 50-60 Japanese are still in the country.

NETHERLANDS: A Dutch military plane has been given permission to land in Tripoli to evacuate Dutch citizens, the Dutch Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. The Foreign Ministry said on Monday there were about 150 Dutch citizens in Libya.

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