Zambia to export 600,000 metric tonnes of maize to DR Congo

The Zambian government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Democratic Republic of Congo for Zambia to export over 600,000 metric tonnes of maize and meali meal.
Zambia ‘s Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo said at the signing ceremony Wednesday morning that the exports will only commence next year because the country was coming out of a bad farming season owing to poor rains in the 2018/ 19 farming season.
He said Zambia is targeting to produce 3 million metric tonnes of maize in the 2019/20 farming season adding that this will make it easy for the country to export 600,000 metric tonnes of maize to DR Congo.
Katambo further said the MoU will ensure a well structured trade regime between the two countries and creat opportunities for Zambia to expand its trade in maize and meali meal with DR Congo and consequently earn the country more foreign exchange.
While the government has committed itself to export maize that has not yet been produced, less is being done to ensure that the mess surrounding the agriculture sector particularly maize production is sorted out. Agro dealers who supplied and distributed fertilizer to farmers under the FISP program are still owed over K400 million for the last 3 farming seasons.
Government had promised that distribution of all farming inputs would commence on 1st September 2019 but to date, nothing has been distributed.

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