Zambia to import electricity from South Africa

Zambia is to start importing electricity from South Africa at a cost of 21 million US Dollars beginning next week, Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa has told the government controlled ZNBC.

He said the importation will cost 13.5 million Dollars but the amount will go up to 21 million Dollars due to transmission charges.
Nkhuwa said the importation of power from ESKOM will reduce on load shedding hours from at least eight to six hours.
Some areas are being load-shedded for as long as 12 hours per day though officially government through ZESCO says the load-shedding per day is about 8 hours.

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    Panocalo. 1 week ago

    Pf government, not going anywhere.

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    More money in their pockets

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    Nyambe the Hero 1 week ago


    That is where Eurobond money should have gone. Apart from solar another potential is geothermal around Shiwang’andu. Kenya has over 600MW installed along the Rift Valley with technical assistance from Iceland.

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    Steve 1 week ago

    I’m baffled too. South Africa has its own load shedding. Do they have spare capacity for export? By the way what happened to the lower Kafue hydro-electric power project Government blocked the private sector from developing, promising to do it themselves? Pettiness, jealousy and greed probably from politicians probably stopped that project. Now we Zambians have to pay for it by not having power in our homes while the same politicians’ homes have uninterrupted power supply from ZESCO or generators that we ordinary citizens can’t afford. Dear Lord remove the curse of these women and men politicians from our midst and give us men and and women who fear you and love the people to lead us to prosperity in our land,

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    Vic Jolson 1 week ago

    21 million $$$…..??   How many solar panels can you buy from that sort of money…..????

    Short term BAD government

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    Miles Mulenga 1 week ago

    21 million $$$….!   How many solar panels can you buy from that….?????

    Short term BAD government from Lungu Liar

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    Money is the root cause of all the problems. South Africa is battling with loadshedding but wants to sell to zambia. Last month I had to send 2 bags of charcoal to my daughter in RSA to use during prolonged periods of loadshedding. May be am missing something here