Zambia to pay Vedanta Lawyers $5 million

Zambia to pay Vedanta Lawyers $5 million

Zambia, which has been ordered by a South African High Court to stop the liquidation of KCM has also been ordered to pay the three lawyers for Vedanta.

The Watchdog understands that these legal fees may be upto $5 million as the South African Court said one of the lawyers is s senior counsel who charges per hour, and expenses which Vedanta incurred, plus the cost of the judgment itself. Zambia will also pay the South African lawyers who were instructed to defend it in this case.

Yesterday, a South Africa high court ordered Zambia to stop the liquidation of KCM and removed Milingo Lungu as provisional Liquidator. The South Africa court said the proceedings in the Lusaka High Court are illegal and that the Zambian government through ZCCM breached their shareholders agreement with Vedanta.

The SA court ordered that instead of Zambian Courts, ZCCM and Vedanta should go and resolve whatever differences then have in an arbitration court in South Africa.

ZWD: we stated from the very beginning of this case that due to the emotional approach employed by the PF regime and poor quality of Zambian government lawyers, tax payers money will be lost to Vedanta. This is just the beginning. KCM is a useless mining company that should have been shown the exit many years ago, but now it will make free, legal money from the Zambian people. Just watch this case closely.

Zambia can never win this case in any neutral court except the one controlled by PF, not because Vedanta is a good company but because the PF regime has messed up this case. Vedanta now looks like the victim in the eyes of the International community. For heaven sake, how can you enter a CONSENT judgment on KCM without involving the owners of KCM? Do you really not expect the international courts to be shocked and disgusted by this open pervasive abuse of Zambian courts?

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