Zambia to recruit High court and Supreme Court judges from India

Indian judges on the wayThe government through the Ministry of Justice is reported to be recruiting

Advertisements for the job have apparently been placed in the Indian Media some Indian lawyers have already submitted their CVs.

The Indian judges are expected to join a select few Zambians lawyers where CVs are being collected by some “friend of the system”

But a civil rights activist Brebner Changala wondered whether the removal of individuals in the judicial circles and replacing them with foreigners constituted reform.

He argued that the ministry should have first asked for the services of local practitioners before turning to foreign countries because Zambia had a cadre of well qualified practitioners to fill vacancies in both courts.

“It seems there is a process for judges perceived to be unfriendly to the ruling class should to be replaced those friendly to the government,” he said.

But when contacted Attorney General Mumba Malila said he was not aware of such an exercise being carried out by the ministry but said government was at liberty to recruit from outside the country.

He said government had the mandate to recruit foreign nationals who meet the required qualifications to fill in vacancies.

“There is nothing that can stop government from requesting the services of foreign nationals if government was in need of manpower because this has always been practised in this country,” Malila said.

Some judges have argued that judicial reforms should not be about changing personnel but about comprehensive changes and adjustments that would require the full involvement of the judiciary for a complete overhaul of the system.

“This should include improved case management, impartial appointment of judicial officer, a code of conduct and clear terms of service.”

Source: Daily Nation

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