Zambia turns away SA trucks with tracking camera

Zambia turns away SA trucks with tracking  camera

Truckers in South Africa are shocked that the Zambia Police is turning away trucks from South Africa that have onboard dashboard cameras.

South Africa truckers monitor live location of their trucks and mount both GPS and onboard dashboard camera to confirm specific location of the trucks and guarantee the delivery of consignments.

This also curbs abuse by drivers, loss of cargo or cheating in the competitive industry.

But both ZRA and the Zambian Police are said to be turning away these trucks.

The truckers and their drivers have requested authorities in Zambia to clarify the matter as it is now international norm for truckers to monitor and track their vehicles and goods by installing modern tracking equipment with audio and visual capability.
But acts of corruption by elements at ZRA and Police fear the trucks might record them and leave evidence with expected repercussion.

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