Zambia under Lungu is worse off

My Opinion

Why is it that there is no justice anylonger in this country?

What is our justice doing in the markets?

Yes its true in zambia these days there is only justice for people with money and for people in power why?

Does this mean that people without money are not Zambians like these others who are enjoying justice which is on the streets for sell.

The PF under Edgar Lungu is the waste and most dull government i have ever seen and heard

It is a government that is scared of its own people which it claims voted for it

But seriously speaking if Edgar Lungu is saying alot of people voted for him why is he being rejected by the majority in this country he has toured nearly the who country and he has seen that he is only welcome in two provinces out of ten.

Why is he scaring and closing down the media houses that are critical on government programs?

Why is his government victimising some people from some parts of the country in a civil service?

My humble advise for Lungu is that check yourself big man for now i can confidently say you are getting everything you are doing wrong.

You may think you are too powerful to listen to anybody for now but remember in this world nothing is permanet.

Think of the people who are dying because of your clinging on to power,

Think of people who are denied information because of your brutality on the media people?

Think of the people who are loosing jobs because they are from the parts of the country you hate,

Think of the people who are in prisons because they tried to stop you from stealing the votes,

Think of the many zambins who are denied some services in this country just because they dont belong to your party called PF.

The question is all these offences above what is going to be your answers in the courts of law when you vacant office?

People these days are scared of expressing their thoughts because they know that under Edgar Lungu they will be arrested once they share views different from that of Edgar Lungu and his people.

To tell you the truth this is not the kind of zambia we want we need a better zambia all of us not a better zambia for few in PF NO

We want free press, free judicially, free executive and free parliament.

Hope for a better Zambia through UPND will never dry up from the majority Zambians

Thank you editor in advance for publishing this article


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