Zambia unprepared for coronavirus

Zambia unprepared for coronavirus

*People from China have continue landing in Zambia without any control

The Zambian government through its Health Ministry has not put in place any viable program to deal with even the barest minimum of a breakout of the dreaded Coronavirus disease. Insiders have revealed that there’s currently no protocol that guides first responders or other frontlines health workers on how to conduct suspected cases, once they come across them.

The National Public Health Institute, the Ministry of Health Agency tasked to deal with coronavirus, has no capacity as they lack well trained staff to handle the world’s worst deadly health epidemic todate. The Director a Victor Mukonka who’s said to be the Health Minister’s surrogate, has been saddled with too many portfolios including being the Dean at the School of Public Health at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital. He was until then, the Director of National Aids Council, another appointment lumped upon him by Chitalu Chilufya.

“For example the quarantine facilities are in Chilanga right across the city, when the most probable place of entry for first cases is at KKIA, this entails driving the suspected patient a distance of almost 50 km”, said the source.

According to the same source, the definitive diagnosis is by a method called PCT(polymerase chain reaction) which very few labs can do in Zambia. And of those that can can carry out the process, none have reagents that can detect coronavirus. If a suspected coronavirus patient went to Kanyama hospital today, they would be treated as a seasonal flu case.

“We are courting a disaster of unpredictable magnitude which Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya is failing to offer critical leadership for, we are literally sitting ducks”, he warned.

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