Zambia want good economy not Lungu’ salary

Zambia want good economy not Lungu’ salary


Mubita Nawa writes…

Dear President Lungu,

I honestly have no words for you sir. I do not believe you are in touch with Zambians. Zambians do not care about your salary. That is your money. Please have your 20% back. Don’t punish civil servants. Those have loans. You will just make them suffer also like the rest of us.

What Zambians care about is the following;

1. Your foreign trips are costly. Your jet (Gulfstream) costs the nation $20million a year in insurance, fuel and maintenance. That is what you should cut.
2. Taxes. Zambians are over taxed. They pay tax on talk time, tax on bundles, tax on income, tax on expenditures. Even when a Zambian dies he pays tax (estate tax). This is what you should cut.
3. High RTSA and RDA and ZRA fees. Everywhere you look President Lungu a Zambian is paying. It costs me K1,800 in toll gate fees to drive from Kazungula to Kasumbalesa in my truck. It costs me K35,000 to ZRA to clear a Funcargo. I pay K1,500 every three months for one truck to RTSA. President Lungu this is what we care about not your 20%.
6. Mealie Meal
7. Corruption
8. Government Wastage
9. High Intercity Passenger Transport Fairs
10. Etc

President Lungu sir. Please get your money back. We want our money back. That is what we care about.


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