Zambia will never be led by a Tonga president- Masebo

Zambia will never be led by a Tonga president- Masebo

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo says Zambia will never be led by a Tonga president because the Southerners are not willing to embrace other tribes.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Livingstone today, Masebo said the Tonga people were being used to perpetrate tribal politics.

But Garry Nkombo, said people should vote for Hakainde Hichilema on merit.

“Let us vote for HH because he is good and not because he is Tonga, don’t be used in politics of tribalism. We should not agree to tribalism. We should reject this because some of you are married to Bembas; some of you are married to Lozis. We can’t have a country based on tribe,” she said.

Masebo charged that Hichilema was a president for Southern Province only.

She said the candidate that the UPND had fielded in the Livingstone parliamentary by-election was bad.

“They think you are blind, so you must say no. He (HH) knows that the candidate they have brought is a wrong one and that is why they are telling people not to worry about the candidate but to worry about HH because he is a president for Southern Province”, Zambia reports quotes Masebo.

And the PF Post newspaper also reports that Masebo, who is PF campaign manager in Livingstone saying Tongas would only produce a Tonga president if they showed willingness to work with other tribes.

However, UPND campaign manager Garry Nkombo said he is proud to be Tonga and that there was nothing he could do about it.

“If she has nothing to say, let her pack her bags. Would it be wrong for me to say Evans or Mwaliteta is coloured? Would I be wrong to say Vice-president (Dr. Guy) Scott is a white man? She must talk about issues……I did not choose to be Tonga. So they should not throw us in that direction,” the Post quotes Nkombo.

During campaigns in Mpongwe last week, Guy Scott also revealed his hatred for late Anderson Mazoka who he labeled a tribalist.

In last year’s elections, President Michael Sata also revealed that he hated Mazoka because he was a tribalist.

The Post newspaper has also been ridiculing the people of Southern Province as Bantustans, an apartheid terminology that was used to demean the black South Africans.


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