Zambian are just lazy, says a minister Lusambo

Zambian are just lazy, says a minister Lusambo

“Zambians are too lazy and live like they are at a bus station”

Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo has dismissed assertions that the economy is under distress.

He said evidence from toll gates will show how many Zambians travelled to Livingstone for holidays during Easter period.

Speaking when he appeared on Hot FM Radio, Lusambo said shops like Game Stores, Shoprite and other shops have queues of people waiting for them to open.

He said Zambians are just too lazy and live like they are at a Bus Stop.

He said Zambians like to sit waiting for a job in government and private sector and do not want to employ themselves.

Lusambo said he has fellow young friends in Kenya and South Africa who own planes and helicopters.

He urged those working in government, shops and factories to live within their means.

When reminded that Zambia’s minimum wage was K900.00 and government lowest salary was K3,500.00 yet the minimum food basket was K8000.00, Lusambo just urged people to live within their means.

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    Free citizen 7 days ago

    But sometimes i don’t understand you honorable lusambo sir properly with you words,just because you’re lucky to found in government getting paid fair salary and you start comparing you friend’s who are not in ether government or business sector.
    And you start comparing them with your friends in south Africa and Kenya who own helicopter’s and if you may ask do you have one helicopter for self sir.
    Plz sir let us build each other in a in way, so that in this coming years we develope our country OK.

  • comment-avatar
    Buck teeth lungu 2 weeks ago

    Fire him fire him fire him

  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    This man has blood on his hands for innocent people killed during the gasing he organised.

  • comment-avatar

    Lusambo should be ashamed of himself. He, the laziest government official ever in the history of Zambia. And president Lungu should do something useful for a change and FIRE this corrupt minister on the spot.