Zambian arrested in Angola over Ivory

A Zambian and his two South African colleagues have been arrested in Angola after they were found in possession of ivory, gold and diamond.

An eye witness named the Zambian as Sabin Mulenga, a Ndola resident and his South Africans partners as Mangaliso and Newton Tselo.

The three were arrested at Kamapanda border.

‘They were caught on Wednesday with 2 bags of ivory or sacks weighing about 190kgs,  a small bag with gold and diamond too,’ the witness said.

According to the witness, Angolan authorities also confiscated their Ford Ranger van, phones and their documents.  The witness said he saw the Angolan police officers drive the three into Angola.


No further information has been availed on where the three are detained and it is not clear of their relatives have been notified.

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