Zambian artist competing for $83,000 in Norway

A Zambian artist, Anawana Halooba of Livingstone, along with three other young artists – the Norwegians Ida Ekblad, Marius Engh, and Lars Laumann – have been nominated for the StatoilHydro art award 2009. The US$ 83,000 prize will be awarded in Oslo, Norway in December.

According to Afro news, StatoilHydro is a large, Norwegian energy company with operations around the world. The StatoilHydro art award is a biennial award, the purpose of which is to stimulate and recognise talented young artists and enable them to develop their art. The prize is said to be the largest art award in Norway.

The nominees have been selected by an independent jury of five, chaired this year by the internationally acclaimed Norwegian artist and professor Olav Christopher Jenssen.

“It is a great pleasure to present these four nominees on behalf of the jury. They represent a very promising generation of artists and they all have what it takes to handle an award like this,” said Prof Jenssen.

The nominees will be invited to show their work at the Nomination Exhibition, and the winner will be announced during the course of the exhibition.

“Talent is important, but the determination and perseverance necessary to express it is even more important. We want to give new talents the opportunity they need to create the success stories of tomorrow,” said Jens Jenssen, senior vice president of corporate human resources and leader of StatoilHydro’s art programme.

The art award is part of the StatoilHydro programme Heroes of Tomorrow that also recognises outstanding talents within education, classical music, rock and sports. The StatoilHydro art award was first awarded in 2007 to the young Norwegian artist Camilla Løw.

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