Zambian cabinet in emergency meeting without Sata

An urgent cabinet meeting was  called Monday afternoon following president Michael Sata’s emergence medical trip outside the country. He left Zambia around 23:00 hours on Sunday .


Sata’s health condition and his whereabouts are not yet known.


Highly placed PF and State House sources have revealed that an emergency cabinet meeting has been called for today (Monday) at 15:30 local time, but it was  not clear who was going to  chair it or what the agenda would be.


Defence minister Edgar Lungu has so far been appointed Acting president, but he was equally believed to be in Angola attending a defense and security meeting with other SADC leaders.


And sources say Sata was not in a position to leave anyone with the instruments of power, but Cabinet will have to somehow normalize the situation during the meeting this afternoon, by allowing Edgar Lungu to act.


Ordinarily, cabinet meetings are held in the mornings and chaired by the Head of State, but today’s meeting is a special one.


Sata’s health has been a matter of speculation, as the PF government have not publicly admitted he was ever sick.


In the first ever mild admission about his medical condition, State House have just issued a brief statement that reads like an sms saying he left the country for medical check-ups.


Already some are wondering with the timing of the medical check-up at a time he should be in the country preparing to welcome invited dignitaries, including Heads of State for the 50 years jubilee independence celebrations.


Anyway, unlike in the past, someone should finally be commended for mentioning the word ‘medical’ in relation to Sata and this calls for prayers from all concerned and genuine Zambians.

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