Zambian convicted of bigamy in UK (Nawa reacts)



An Addiscombe bigamist who had THREE wives has escaped a jail term today (Friday).

Nawa Sibongo, who worked for the Metropolitan Police, was given a nine-month suspended sentence today at Croydon Crown Court.

The 47-year-old, who once harboured dreams of standing for Parliament in his native Zambia, told the Advertiser after the hearing that he accepted his punishment.

He said: “It was regrettable. I think it will be a lesson learned.

“I don’t want to cause my wives any more distress.

“I think the judge summed it up pretty well, I don’t think I’ve been treated unfairly.”

He was still married to the mother of three of his children, Chipo Sibongo, when he walked down the aisle with Amina Abdul and moved into a flat in Addiscombe in April 2008.

The court heard that the marriage was never consummated because Sibongo, a devout Christian, refused to convert to Islam.

Just five months after the marriage at Croydon Register Office, he married wife number three, Lucy Mkango, in north London.

Sibongo – who is now not with any of the three women – was given a four-month suspended sentence for the first count of bigamy, and nine months for the second, to run concurrently.

The sentence was suspended for two years.

Judge Simon Pratt said: “Bigamy remains a most serious offence, for two very sound reasons.

“Firstly, it’s an offence which seeks to undermine the importance of the continuing value of marriage in our society.

“Secondly, it involves the betrayal of innocent parties who put their trust and love into someone who’s no more than deceiving them in a cynical way.”

He continued: “The offence must be marked with sentences of imprisonment.

“I’d be failing in my duty if I failed to do otherwise.

“However, I’ve been persuaded that I can just properly suspend the inevitable sentences of prison in your case.”


Below is a comment (reaction) by Nawa Sibongo as posted on the Watchdog:

I wish first and foremost apologise to the embarrassment this may have caused to any Zambian but most of all my children.

I however wish to make a correction this is an old story that seems to be doing the rounds based[on] malice. the case was expunged over a month ago and to portray it as breaking news is false.

I am unable to go into details but the reporting from the Croydon Advertiser where this story is derived from was not fully factual but written in a sensational manner.

I am in no way proud of what transpired but one day I will be able to give the full details as at now, I would like to start rebuilding my life and my children’s future. I will however not hide for I made a mistake in life and if others have been privileged to live life without error well good luck to them and I take off my hat to them.

While I do not agree with the way the story has been run on this site I will always fight to the death for your freedom to report issues but please lets be factual about issues.

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