Zambian diplomats now at lowest esteem

Zambian diplomats now at lowest esteem

The decision by both Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Information to issue an embarrasing public press ban against it’s own diplomats speaks volume of the chaos prevailing in Edgar Lungu’s government.

This reflects very badly on the President that his own direct appointees and representative in foreign lands are a bunch of run-away misfits who cannot even be trusted to issue any public statement.

Probably, President Lungu should drop the use by his ambassadors and High Commissioners, of the title of His/Her Excellency because they do not deserve it after this debacle.

It also shows that the Diplomats could have been operating outside established channels and the only way to bring order was to issue this embarrasing public statement to bring order.

I for once thought some ambassadors have actually been doing a good job and were serving the country and it’s people very well, but this is not so looking at the absurd directives coming from their parent ministry.

It also shows that Ministry of Foreign Affairs can not trust Lungu’s appointees and requires a strict policing procedure to operate including the embarrasing statement against Lungu’s own appointed diplomats.

By this action alone, Zambian Diplomats are now standing in the lowest esteem.
One wonders how these diplomats will promote Lungu’s touted economic diplomacy with this gag order.

How can the foreign media even allow them to appear on their platform when their own foreign office doesn’t trust them?

Also one wonders why an embarrasing public statement had to be issued to deride the ambassadors?

Are there no longer internal and administrative mechanisms in this government that can be used than playing to the gallery?

During our time, Ambassadors and High Commissioners were admired and were treated with respect from both their peers, bureaucrats and the public.

However this chaos and disrespect we have seen from Foreign Affairs and the action against Lungu’s diplomats demonstrates that things are falling apart.

Former Ambassador

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