Zambian DJ fails to perform at Big Brother because he has no passport

Zambian DJ fails to perform at Big Brother because he has no passport

Kalumba could not organise a K300 thousand worthy passport

ZAMBIA’S renowned DJ Kalumba Chikonde (DJ K-Smash) on Saturday, the eve of the Big Brother grand finale put the reality show producers in South Africa under duress when it was learnt that he was unable to travel to burn the decks at the last Amplified party because he had no passport.

Multichoice Zambia public relations manager Marlon Kananda told Times of Zambia that he was shocked that Radio Phoenix DJ K-Smash had no valid passport and could not organise one from the time he was informed in June about his July 30 trip.

The development came to light on Saturday around 10.00 hours CAT during a media breakfast at Cabanga Conference centre in Johannesburg where the star guest artists for the grand finale were revealed to the members of the press.

Marlon and other officials from South Africa tried to negotiate with the immigration to allow K-Smash travel on a travel document as he was urgently wanted the same Saturday night but the efforts proved futile as all the South African bound flights had already left the Zambian capital. This was after contacting the DJ by phone.

“What we can say as Multichoice Zambia is that we did our best to inform the DJ in good time so that he can prepare adequately for him to play on a continental platform.

“But I regret to inform you that despite all the time given to K-Smash, he never told us that he had no passport. Had he done that, we would have helped him obtain one without any difficulties but he chose to keep it up to the 11th hour!,” said Marlon.

Marlon later tried to approach Zambia’s seasoned DJ Chishala Chitoshi otherwise known as Gesh Groove who was apparently within reach at that time in South Africa, to try and cover up for K-Smash.

But Gesh said he could not do it for reasons that he had been on the same platform twice and that there were a number of other Zambian talented DJs who also should be accorded the rare privilege of playing on a continental platform.

Well, it worked out and it was Nawa Kabika (DJ LBC) who rocked the last amplified party setting the seven housemates and of course the entire Africa alight with a vast selection of party jams.

Who ever thought he would do such a fine job owing to the fact that he was only informed few hours before the show? Thumbs up to DJ LBC!!!


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