Zambian embassies not funded for months

Zambian embassies not funded for months

Zambian Embassies, Missions abroad ‘bankrupt’, bleeding

…..Recalled envoy Sikaneta fumes over poor funding

Most Zambian High commissions and Embassies abroad have not received full funding from as far back as July last year.

The worst hit are Malaysia, Turkey, India, Japan, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa, Germany, UK, Egypt, Kenya, UK, Belgium. They are literary surviving on a shoestring budget.

The Zambian Embassy in Washington in the United States of America has also not been spared.

“These Embassies listed have not been funded since last year and are barely surviving. We have become a laughing stock in the diplomatic community. Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji keeps prodding diplomats to sacrifice more because the Treasury is empty. I felt embarrassed when one diplomat friend from a country in the European Union wanted to find out how we are surviving and able to work in the absence of funding. When you have Malanji informing diplomats that the Treasury is empty then we have a big problem,” a reliable source said.

Zambia’s retired Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the A.U Susan Sikaneta has been so furious about this state of affairs and flew out of Addis Ababa on Saturday without any farewell to her staff at the Embassy.
The last time she was at the Embassy in Addis Ababa was Friday to pack her personal effects and never spoke to anyone.
The PF govt has been struggling in clearing its debt in respect of salaries, staff rentals and other running costs for its various embassies as it tries to rebuild its image in the eyes of the diplomatic community.
“Its a shame that diplomats are now made to sign for half tank of fuel in their cars in some cases and a fool somewhere boasts of keeping akasaka ka ndalama. It’s a shame that our friends in the diplomatic community are mocking us,” another diplomatic source fumed.

Joseph Malanji

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