Zambian government accused of wanting to kill all the people of Barotseland

Something Sinister is About to Happen

It is a well-known fact that Barotseland held the Barotse National Council in March 2012 where it was resolved that Barotseland would determine her political, social and economic development.

In the first place, the Zambian Government thought that the Barotse people were making jokes, until now when they have realized the seriousness of the Barotse pursuit.

Following declaration of war on Barotseland by Mr Sata, commander of the Army who together with his fellow Zambians feel they can enslave Barotseland arrested people in Lukulu.

It is self-evident that the Zambian Government wants to kill all the people of Barotseland; the Litunga inclusive as long as he is in Barotseland, unless he will flee away. Currently, troops of security men have littered Mongu town and other areas, and after having arrested innocent people in Mongu in an effort to deceive the world and derail the people of Barotseland, the Police have now embarked on an exercise of robbing and confiscating legally acquired shot-gun fire arms in Senanga and Shangombo. We know very well that the activity will cover the whole territory of Barotseland; no doubt about it; what we know is that they have no right to do that at all.

Even if Barotseland had not declared her-self autonomous, there would be no justifiable reason to grub shot-gun fire arms from people who had legally procured them with all necessary licences and certificates issued by authorized government departments and officers; unless there is lawlessness.

The Police are having a list of names of those people having shot-gun fire arms who possess blue books and certificates issued by duly authorised institutions with date stamps from Police with signatures, issued between 2004 and 2012.

What could be the reason for confiscating those fire-arms? The answer is simple, they (Zambians) want to render the Barotse people defenceless, because there intention is to wage a war against Barotseland, and demolish it.

It is a common knowledge that people of Shangombo, Mutomena, Mulele, Mbume, Sioma, Kaanja, Sinjembela, Lyabangu, Nankwiju, Mufulani, Musukula, Mwanambao, and Kabula 1 and 2 live in areas where hyenas, lions, elephants etc. which attack their cattle and  crops. How could a reasonable person disarm such people to expose them to danger? So far 3 people have lost their lives from the same beasts.

The reason is to create a situation whereby when Zambia starts war which is seemingly about to happen, nobody will be able to defend one-self. I urge all the Barotzis in those areas not to surrender their fire-arms, blue books and ownership transfer certificates to any foreign Policemen from Zambia.

Finally, what is surprising is that the so-called Indunas, Chiefs, Kutas etc. and those who pretend to represent people doing cheap politicking are sitting back in such a horrible situation; shame!!

Concerned Barotseland citizen


Lubinda Kunangela (Mutomena-Shangombo)

Date: 21st January, 2013

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