Zambian government officials don’t care about life

Zambian government officials don’t care about life

By Miko Zulu

If COVID-19 was a by election, people would have been receiving free soap, free hand sanitizers, free food, free clothes, free alcohol and money from both ruling and opposition parties and that is why we need more leaders than politicians in positions of authority today.

But since Corona Virus is not a Presidential, Parliamentary or Council seat to be fought for, its “everyone for themselves and God for us all”. Today, people that depend on small businesses, bars, gyms, restaurants and performing arts have been thrown out in the dark to survive on their own while other countries are putting in place economic stimulus packages for their most affected citizens.

I pray that this pandemic does not break out on a scale we have seen in countries like Italy, Spain and other countries because we will drop like flies from both the virus and from hunger because most of us live on hand to mouth without any financial savings or food security to see us through a few days of unproductivity. Already a lot of small businesses were adversely affected by the recent gassing incidents which caused a lot of anxiety and loss of business.

This is harsh and painful reality in a country which boasts of some of the world’s largest copper reserves, best Mukula, Rosewood and Wildlife. And we are only 18 million people.

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