Zambian government planning to export maize to Zimbabwe

The Zambian government is planning to export an undisclosed tonnage of maize to Zimbabwe but an Agricultural expert in the Ministry of Agriculture has warned that the move may lead to hunger in the country.

A reliable source who is also an Agricultural expert has disclosed to the Zambian Watchdog that Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda is driving the agenda to have the grains in the reserves exported to create space for fresh grains in anticipation of this year’s harvest. Lubinda is working under President Edgar Lungu’s instructions who promised to export crops to Zimbabwe during his inaugural visit to that country.

The source says the though the minister’s decision has been opposed by the technocrats in the ministry because of the uncertainty surrounding this year’s harvest which may be poor due to PF’s poor agricultural policies which saw some farmers not paid on time, he is determined to execute it.

“Most of the farmers were not paid on time and that affected their farming because most of them did not have money to buy seed and other inputs. Further the rainfall pattern this year has been bad, which may lead to poor yield. It is not certain that we will have a bumper harvest but the minister is pushing this agenda, we may just end up with hunger in the country,” he warned.

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