‘Zambian govt officials are like vultures’


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When you see a gathering of vultures know that it is not all about love and hate. It’s not about discussing what they wish to do or could have done. They gather because there is a carcus that has to be eaten. The Zambian Government system is a gathering of vultures.

Government should be a system where the few are are given all the power and tasked to raise resources and manage them on behalf of the majority. Once collected, these few have the moral obligation to ensure that they distribute these resources fairly for the benefit of even the poorest of the poor in the remotest parts of the country.

What we see here in Zambia is the opposite. The priority of government is now to eat whatever has been collected first and pass the left overs to all of us later. We have a government that prioritises its operations above the interests of those it serves. In the end we see a system where junior officials’ corruption is protected by higher officials.

The supervisor of every corrupt activity is a politician. Let me remind you that government is divided into three parts. We have the Politicians at the top who represent the president as ministers. Then we have Permanet Sectretaries who breathes out the policies of the politicians into the civil service.

Here is an example of what I meant when I said politicians supervise corruption. Most Grade I government Secondary Schools charge user fees. Most of these Schools have  more than 1000 pupils. Each pupil pays about K800 (Day school). 800X1000=800,000 (8 billion old currency). They even have GCE centres which charge exorbitant centre fee charges. They also hire out classes and halls to churches. In one year alone one school can have more than one trillion Kwacha.

But if you go to thes government sponsored schools, its hard to see where the one trillion goes to. The toilets are bad, classrooms have no mwandaba(cobra) and toilets are worse than public ones. But observe the head. They are building mansions and buying cars that their income can’t support.

The head does that under the nose of DEBS office. That implies they eat together. This explains why officials from DEBS always visit or are in contact with these schools and walk away with brown envelopes, drinks and the like from these schools.

DEBS is also protected by PEO and Headquarters. If people complain to PEO or headquarter about mismanagement which is obvious, empty promises are made and the head remains put. Why? Because they are partners in crime.

Above this is the minister of education. Recently, the minister spoke about the high fees in government schools. What has he done? Nothing. Because he depends on the system to award himself contracts and other matters of similar interest. Since the President wants to win in western province, he will also pretend he knows nothing! Yet he is fully aware of the rampart theft and explotation occuring under him. It benefits him indirectly. The auditor’s report is gabbage. The President and the vultures under  him take no action to address concerns raised or discipline erring officers. Their view is that investigating corruption is being vindictive and an act of political persecution. 

I have no time to talk about the orphans and street kids we call police officers. Neither do I have the time to talk about the drug theft that occurs in hospitals. It is obvious from what we have seen is that the worst enemy to Zambia is government. Interms of status, I can compare government to Boko haram and ISIS. In its current state it is a danger to the economy and the existance of all of us.  We need a leadership that will eradicate the vulture mentality in government! RBB once said there is no corruption in Zambia. Could it be the opinion of Bashi Tasali too since they have the same feathers?

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