Zambian health practitioners in trouble for developing Covid 19 cure

Zambian health practitioners in trouble for developing Covid 19 cure

????????Cure must cone from Europe or America

THE Health Professions Council of Zambia has summoned Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia president Jerome Kanyika following his revelation that he with three others have developed a cure called COVID-Z for the deadly Coronavirus.

COVID-Z was developed by Kanyika, a Pharmacist, Moses Phiri, a chemist, Boniface Manda, a physicist and Steve Mpazi, a researcher in alternative and contemporary medicine.

But HPCZ has summoned the team to their Ndola office with a view of investigating circumstances surrounding the said medicine.

The letter written by Bwembya Bwalya, the Registrar and chief executive officer stated that in line with the mandate envisaged under section 4(1) (i) of the Health Professions Act No. 24 of 2009, the Council is investigating the alleged COVID-19 cure.

“You are hereby summoned to appear before the investigation committee at our Ndola office, located at plot number 6 Kenya Road, Northrise on Friday 15th May at 11:00 hours,” reads the letter.

According to Kanyika, COVID-Z was a combination of five herbs that have been used for medicinal purposes for years.

He said all the plants have been studied and isolated for different chemical composition and how they work on different conditions.

“The plants that we have used have been used to treat malaria, dengue fever (viral), flu, asthma, inflammations, and other fevers of different kinds. The plants used again have shown to boost the immune system, give energy and appetite,” Kanyika said.

He said the product was a Zambian produced from local plants.

He said his team came up with the formulation after seeing how similar inventions from China and Madagascar have been working to mitigate COVID-19

“The medicine we have developed can work very well in the treatment of COVID-19,” Kanyika claimed.

He said his team has so far written to government and was awaiting a response to enable them roll out the drugs on the market.

“We came up with the formulation because we saw how similar formulations from China and Madagascar has been working.

Since our economy of Zambia can’t be locked down for unknown period, we feel using our medication to treat the COVID-19 patients just for five days and to the maximum of seven days can help,” he said.

Kanyika said each capsule contains 700 miligrammes of the medicine.

H explained that an adult needs a course of about 2,800mg in a day divided by two doses to recover.

“For children we need to give the dosage by using the body weight,” said Kanyika.

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