Zambian journalist steals wallet of British reporter

Zambian journalist steals wallet of British reporter


“Journalists return the wallet and save your profession from international embarrassment”

A British journalist who travelled to cover the IMF/Zambian talks had his wallet stolen by a suspected Zambian journalist.

Liam Taylor was so shocked to note that his wallet was stolen while covering a media briefing by Minister of Finance Felix Mutati and IMF Team at Ministry of Finance briefing room.

The event was covered by journalists from Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, Daily Nation, ZNBC and members of the PF media outfit known as Smart Eagles.

Liam was so exasperated and desperate that he took out an urgent notice below


A journalist from Economist Magazine *LIAM TAYLOR* is missing a wallet with some valuables & travel documents. According to his account, he had the wallet with him in the lobby of the Ministry of Finance just before the GRZ/IMF media briefing.

He noticed the loss after the briefing.

LIAM is a British National.

This is message is being shared without prejudice and purely to spread information among those who may have attended the briefing.

*LIAM TAYLOR IS ON 0963086700.*

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