Zambian lawyers, Accountants – wasted resource


By Friday Kashiwa

In June this year I posted a similar article lamenting about our Zambian Professionals who have benefitted, educationally and professional wise, from the blood of our freedom fighters who fought to give us freedom and education. Rest in peace galant men and women who have passed on, you did your best. But the generation you died for liberating is the most useless generation – A WASTED GENERATION. RIP ordinarily would mean Rest In Peace. May I rephrase it to mean Rise If Possible.
Rise please and come and witness how unprofessional, unappreciative and crooked the generation you died for have become.
Please rise and come and witness how most of the Laywers are now being mentioned in all investigative reports to be associated with and cited as champions of illicit financial transactions. Shame on you the so called Learned Ones. You have contributed to Ziale recording the highest poor performance passing rate ever, because, maybe you are all concentrating on one legal or illegal syllabus, Illicit Financial Transactions.
Basic Human Rights as a subject is never your priority.
Shame on you..
Where are you, our most celebrated and Professional Accountants and your mother body, The Zambia Institute of Professional Accountants – ZICA.
You are foolishly silent when the Government of the republic Zambia want to change the universally acceptable meaning or concept of Company Liquidation. Are you happy and agreeable that the Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya can tell the whole world that in Zambia, Liquidation does NOT mean the process of closing a business so that it’s Assets can be sold to pay its debts. To her and our Government, that’s not the meaning of Liquidation.
To refresh your impaired memories, Dora Siliya said and I quote.. We are aware that PREVIOUSLY people associated liquidation with winding up a company and selling its assets, but this is not what is happening in Zambia..end quote. Zambia in its own wisdom has created another meaning of Liquidation.
And my respectful Accountants are silent, talking their foolish english in their respective clubs not caring about the impact this can have on our next learning and upcoming Accountants. Shame on you our professional Accountants, what a WASTED GENERATION.
My next posting next weekend will be on some of our many unprofessional men and women in uniform and all the transport money seeking journalists with no investigative creditials, shame on you. WHAT A WASTED GENERATION.
Friday Kashiwa.

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