Zambian lawyers and their dirty

Zambian lawyers and their dirty

Zambia Lawyers And Dirty

Last few days has been bad for the reputation of Zambian Lawyers. They seem to be in problems than ever before in terms of accountability and integrity.
Look at this:

1. Eric Silwamba, SC has been penalised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for misconduct as Chairman of ZCCM-IH. In developed countries, such a charge will entail that he cannot practice law or be director in any company in the world.

2. Mqueen Zaza – a young lawyer was arrested and charged for extortion over 40,000 he got from his client. He will appear in court onnthe 28th October 2021.

3. Mutemwa Mutemwa,SC has been arrested for theft of 800,000 dollars which he got from his client to hide. He will appear in court this week too!

4. Mutemwa Mutemwa Jr – another young lawyer has been arrested for theft of 400,000 dollars which he allegedly stole in conjunction with his father. He too will appear in court soon.

5. Maureen Mwanawasa – former first lady and partner of Levy Mwanawasa and company. She has been suspended and her firm closed due to misconduct.

6. Inambao Nathaniel – former Commissioner of lands and now in private practice. He has also been suspended for misconduct by LAZ.

7. Ziukani Simposya – another lawyer has been suspended  by LAZ for misconduct.

Clearky, LAZ needs to do more to bring the members credibility high and restore some dignity in the profession.

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