Zambian leaders too old

I would like encourage all Zambians esp. young people to push forward, our country needs you, we need a generational shift in our leadership. Our country cannot afford to go back and keep on relying on the older generation to provide solutions for the 21st century economy, look at Presidents Sall(Senegal) , Kenyanta ( Kenya ) , Kagame( Rwanda) their grasp on what needs to be done is outstanding, they are proving real leadership while we keep on squabbling on issues that are not advancing and emancipating the ordinary citizen to move out of poverty . The next general elections will provide a real litmus test on this ideal , it will be a game changer.
We cannot afford after 50 years of independence, to still be grappling on the issue of a people driven constitution to be enacted, the Kenyans after the 2007/8 ethnic violence decided to have a referendum and enacted a new constitution, why cant we do the same ?? the only difference was that they had political will and leadership both in the opposition, NGO’s and the government, is there any willingness from all these parties to chat a way forward ?? Not all but most Zambians agreed and submitted to the various constitutional review committees in past and including the recent one , issues like the 50% +1 ref presidential elections, selection of the cabinet outside parliament, judicial reforms , devolution of power to provinces and districts , land & electoral reforms, the issue of barotse & its final resolution… etc , im sure we can agree on a few and enact them now through parliament so that the 2016 election are held under the amended one , and subject all the rest to the referendum during the 2016 elections because of the cost and time constraints.
The question to all parties is : To the church and various NGO’s , the government and the opposition is ? what is the one clause(s) would you like from the current draft constitution to be enacted before the 2016 general elections ? come to some sort of agreement , give and take / not all parties will be happy and take these to parliament and have them enacted so that we can move past this and leave the others as part of the 2016 election , im sure this can be done at the same time. Surely, our esteemed members of LAZ can advise us on all the legalities here. Zambia is bigger than all of us , we need to put the country first no matter what .
One Zambia , One Nation. Proudly Zambian.
Madalitso Morgan Mwanza

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