Zambian man in love triangle in Malawi

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation TV journalist Janet Mwamadi Dambula is fighting with a Zomba based woman known as Miriam for a Zambian man who works for DAPP Malawi.

Janet’s affair  with Patrick Dambula who married her less than five years ago, is over according to police in Blantyre. Dambula is also a journalist for MBC but for radio and is based at Kasungu studio.

The two ladies are fighting for the Zambian national, Alex Halale, and Janet has threatened to use her  “juju muscle, political muscle and academic muscle” to finish off Miriam.

Janet Mwamadi Dambula: Threatened rival woman

Blantyre Police summoned the two ladies and Alex on Friday for a hearing at the Victim Support Unit following a complaint from Janet.

A source at Blantyre Police said Janet lodged a complaint that was suspended at MBC following Miriam’s calls to the station about her ‘Jezebel’ behaviour to snatch Alex from her.

But Miriam denies the claim.

“The three came and the Zomba lady denied that she called MBC informing them about Janet’s behaviour. We agreed that the police should investigate if indeed Miriam made calls to MBC threatening Janet,” the officer said.

But Miriam, said the officer, expressed shock at the complaint lodged by Janet because according to her it was the MBC journalist who was sending  hate messages to her. The messages were handed to police. Some of the messages were accessed by Nyasa Times.

One message from Janet to Miriam reads, “The time Alex was f****** you Miriam I was in China doing my masters. Ask him about Janet Mwamadi from TVM and he should tell you the truth. ….

“But you better give up [because]  for me I have political muscle, juju muscle, financial muscle, education.”

Another message from Janet reads: “I am Janet Mwamadi from Jokala ask aliyense (everyone) about me or Alex akuuza ndikusandusa botolo ubeleka mwala (I will turn you into a bottle and you will deliver a stone baby) and I mean it.”

Another message goes to both Miriam and Alex: “I went in all places that you sleep they told me you were there. If you think you are clever you will see who is really clever. For you Miriam I feel sorry for you.  How can you give Alex  K300,000 to buy a car that he enjoys with me and the kids and on top of that  make you pregnant. …”

She writes another to Alex only: “Alex if you think you can  impregnate two  women and walk free then you are joking. You will see Malawi women just take Miriam for abortion with me uwonazoopya (you will face problems).”

The police confirmed the messages.—(Reporting by Wanga Gwede, Nyasa Times)

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