‘Zambian managers at Trafigura owned company replaced with foreigners’

Dear Editor,

I write to you to inform you of happenings at a Company wholly owned by Trafigura the company supplying fuel to Zambia Impala Warehousing and Logistics based Ndola in the Industrial Area along Lukasu Road.

-4 Managers were fired without proper reason this week 29th May 2013.
-Letters were signed by foreigners who travelled from south africa to hand the termination letters to the four managers.
-Zambia Police was called to be present when handing the letters of termination.
-Labour Office was not consulted. And I quote one of the South African ‘I am ready to face Labour office and the Union’.
-Another employee was wrongfully dismissed last month for coming to work drunk despite hospital test coming out negative.
-Same month HOUR was given a written warning for not dismissing employees despite her advising them of the grievance procedure in the collective agreement.
-All three have no permits to work in Zambia.
-A meeting was held to address workers that 5 more south african will be arriving to take office.
-Human Resources matters are being handled by a South African
-As I write 3 south african are in the country working with out work permits.
-Some Immigration and Police officers are on the payroll.
-Employees are scared to speak out for fear of losing their Jobs. The is a lot of racism, humiliation and intimidation.
-All this has been reported to Labour Office, Immigration, Cabinet Office Ndola, Minister’s Office of Labour in Lusaka.
A lot more has been happening that has laid to the terminations. As Zambian we should say no to such treatment.

Thank you

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