Zambian men looking for sex swindled on Facebook

Zambian men looking for sex swindled on Facebook



Unsuspecting but randy Zambian men especially in Lusaka are being swindled by an Internet scam that promises them sex with girls in exchange for cash.

The Watchdog has discovered that men are paying not less than K700 (K700 000 old currency) each for a promise of a one-night stand with a girl of their choice after viewing their profile on the so-called Manda Hill Brown Hookups

The photos of the girls look fake but men are being enticed .

All the arrangements are made on the Facebook page

But once the sex hunter pays the money (depositing in a Zanaco account), he is blocked from the Facebook and there is certainly no girl.


It is not known how many men have been swindled so far but several have complained that they have met the same fate.

Men are told to deposit the money in Zanaco Xapit Account No. 083017000087979.

Further investigations have shown that the Xapit account belongs to a Chipo Chiyaba.

One victim complained that:

‘It was on Friday 30th of August 2013 when it happened. This Person enticed me with three photographs of ladies on his/her facebook page so that I pick a lady of my choice.

‘I selected one photo of a lady she latter introduced to me as Sharon.  I was told to deposit K700. I was also given a mobile number for Sharon with instructions that as soon as I deposited the money I should text Sharon on 0954 115245 so that we arrange for a meeting place.

‘After depositing the money, I texed Sharon and she suggested that we meet at Levy Pack at 16hours.

‘I waited for Sharon from 16hrs to 19 hrs. During this time I made several attempts to try to contact them, but all my efforts were in vein. Sharon’s mobile was unreachable, I tried to contact Manda Hill Brown through inbox on her Facebook page, I discovered that my access to her facebook page has been blocked, It was at this point in time when I realized that I have been swindled.’

Some of the messages on the Manda Hill Brown Hookups read as follows:

One of the photos used to entice men to pay

One of the photos used to entice men to pay

‘Morning Friends
Those who wish 2 make payment for a one night stand you can do so this morning before 12:00 n get someone 2 make your weekend wet..

Morning pipo????
‘Make sure u make your payment for your weekend one night stand it’s getting crazy here …………
‘Only gentlemen wit cash loaded nt broke naggas I will block u

If u ar n de following cities kitwe, Ndola, kabwe n Livingston we av contact for sexy ladies if u need one 2 make your weekend sexy contact admin for more information.’

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