Zambian minister relieves ordeal of a crash landing experience

Zambian minister relieves ordeal of a crash landing experience

Muchinga Province minister Charles Banda is relieved after surviving an aircraft crash landing in Muchinga provincial capital, Chinsali.

Narrating the incident, Banda said the passengers did not understand what had happened and just saw the plane going down.

He said the nine passengers that were on board did not know how to react to the incident as the plane started crash landing from air. However, Banda said that they were encouraged by the pilots who remained calm in the midst of an emergency situation until they hit the ground.

“So we failed to go where we were supposed to be because our plane crash landed. We saw the plane dropping but we kept watching what the pilots were doing until we were on the ground. I must say we drew our strengthen from the way our pilots were composed,” he said.

A Zambia Air Force crew and senior government officials escaped unhurt after the helicopter they were in crash landed in Shiwangandu area of Muchinga Province on Wednesday.

President Sata’s helicopter which was already airborne flew back and landed so he could ascertain they were no casualties. A bystander was however hurt in the aftermath of the crash.

The officials were in Shiwangandu to witness the commissioning of a mini hydro power station by the head of state. It is not clear what caused the ZAF aircraft AF 746 to crash land.

Some eye witnesses suspected that cause of the crash to be power failure as it seemed to have failed to ascend and headed towards a tree before coming to rest near a tent erected to provide shelter.

People under the tent scampered for safety from the malfunctioning aircraft whose propellers tore off part of the marquee.

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