Zambian Music replaces local music in Malawi

Zambia's Mampi. Her music is one of the favourite in malawi

Zambia's Mampi. Her music is one of the favourite in malawi

Zambian music is flooding the market in Malawi even enjoying more radio play than the local music. The Music Association of Malawi (MAM) president Mapemba has since blamed the private radio stations for the development.

Mapemba said the private radio stations were favouring Zambian music at the expense of Malawi songs.

“It’s you [radio stations] who are opening up Zambia music. Radio stations are giving too much air time to Zambia music,” MAM president said during Capital Radio Straight Talk programme on Thursday night monitored live by Nyasa Times.

“All radio stations in Malawi have been playing Zambian music and have been playing frequently other than local music,” pointed out Mapemba.

Asked by programme hosts, Brian Banda, what the music association is doing on the matter, Mapemba said MAM has tried to lobby the media houses.”

Banda asked Mapemba if MAM has made any research why Zambian music is having more air play in local broadcasting houses but the president of music association blamed it on Malawian altitude of not supporting local products.

“It’s our Malawian altitude, we are not proud of our products. Why can’t we start looking at our Malawian music as the best,” he said.

“Even our State President says time and again its high time Malawians love our products,” he pointed out.

Nonetheless, Mapemba said Malawi music is “booming”.

“During the {late Daniel] Kachamba time there were few musicians, look today almost popular musicians are young ones it means we are moving,” he said.

“Look now an example is Tay Grin (pictured). For the first time he has won an award. It means the music is booming,” Mapemba said.

Mapemba also disclosed that international artist coming to perform in Malawi will have to pay a fee to the music association.

“There is no way you can leave this country if you are a footballer to play football in South Africa without being registered with the football association,” he said.

He appealed to Malawians to be first in promoting local music.

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