Zambian nurses to go on strike, while Sata may pass through London for medication

Nurses across the country are planning to go on a nationwide strike over peanuts they got in what was supposed to be more money in their pockets.

But ailing dictator Michael Sata is about to go or is already in London to receive first class treatment.

The nurses who met at the country’s biggest health institution the University Teaching Hospital yesterday vowed that government has to explain how the nurses are now getting equal amounts of money or even less than the cleaners at in government institutions.

In typical PF style, civil servants were promised more than 200 percent increment, but three quarters discovered that they only got lets than 10 percent while their uneducated junior colleagues mainly office orderlies, cleaners and classified daily employees are now their bosses when it comes to salaries

Sata is away in New York, US, and has no business with such noise from poor Zambian nurses as the information has already leaked to the Zambian watchdog that he is actually passing through the well paid medical personnel in UK where he will undergo the usual treatment after the UN meetings.

All presidents, apart from Sata, who went for the UN assembly are back in their respective coountries.

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