Zambian pastor makes off with Namibian youths’ money

A Zambian pastor is on the run after making off with the registration fees from Namibian youths who applied for funding and training at his organisation.

Namibia Private Investment Networks (Nampin), a Zambian company that was recently launched in Katima Mulilo, has now been swallowed by Nsheshe Trading Company after its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) pastor Herzborn Chintu from Zambia, disappeared.

The Namibian government could not allow Nampin to do business in the country without entering in a partnership with Namibian companies.
Subsequently Penta Stream, Mangundu Cash Loan, Labour Consultancy and Nsheshe Trading Company signed an agreement with pastor Herzborn on 5 May in the capital after he convinced them that Nampin “had a lot of money” and “would provide everything” they needed to grow their companies.

“We agreed to sign because the Nampin concept was nice and when we first introduced it in Katima early June many liked it. Between July and August we already registered between 600 and 700 people. About 400 received training, 200 graduated and we also awarded certificates,” said Nsheshe director Lawrence Lushetile.

After Pin Code’s promises of funding were not kept graduates started to go on radio complaining over the company. “On September 17 they came to the office in huge numbers, demanding their N$100 back, saying we are thieves.

By that time Chintu had already escaped to Zambia, after lying to me that he was going to open the other office at Sesheke. He left with all the money and we have heard nothing from him since,” Lushetile said.

He called on youths not to be negative but to visit their office to hear more about what is going on at the company “as it is not closed”.
“This Pin Code concept sounded very nice and people liked it, and it’s still nice. It’s only other people that are trying to spoil it. We will continue using the same concept, with some adjustments.”

Nsheshe Trading Company is now run by Lushetile, the manager, Benson Kaapala, and two instructors, Bennett Chilinda and Mukata Kachana.

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