Zambian regime announces more severe restrictions on citizens

Zambian regime announces more severe restrictions on citizens


The dictatorship PF regime has listed some of the tyrannical measures aimed at taking away Zambians’s rights during the state of emergency.

As if that is not enough, the regime says it is selling pamphlets containing the dictatorship list for K40, each.

And Treacherous Given Lubinda has agreed to be utilised as useful idiot during the period of the state of emergency.

It was Lubinda who was made to announce the list of tyrannical measures to the world instead of tribalist Steven Kapyongo.

Lubinda said the police and soldiers have been granted powers to stop and search vehicles without a warrant, to withdraw travel documents and to detain suspects for more than 48 hours.

In fact Zambian police have always detained innocent people for many months without taking them to court. So this statement is fallacious and an attempt at making Zambia look like a democracy. It’s not. Just go to the nearest prison and see how many people have been in jail without being taken to court. The biggest and latest proof of this involves Hakainde Hichilema who has been detained for more than 100 days without trial. A media commentator Mark Simuwe was abducted by police last week and still being held incommunicado. So Lubinda was talking rubbish as usual.

Other tyrannical measures that will be used against citizens as long as it suits Edgar Lungu include prohibiting weddings, parties, funerals at dwelling places and in public places, closing of premises, imposing curfews, blackouts and controlling of electricity.

Others dictatorial measures will be to confine certain citizens or foreignness to one part of Zambia, deporting any person from a given part of Zambia, detaining any person as long as Lungu, his police and soldiers want to. They don’t have to give any reason.

Yeah. This is the current Zambia under Lungu. It was once seen as beacon of democracy in the region. Now the whole world is marvelling as the country matches on into dictatorship.


Given Lubinda should have been born Given Muzungu. He should have been a younger brother to Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu. His mother was married to Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu’s father who was a businessman in Chizela now Mufumbwe as a second wife. Mr Muzungu went for a period to Angola for business when Given Muzungu Lubinda’s mother started flirting with a Greek national working for Gulf, a company that was making gravel road from Solwezi to Lyambezhi now Zambezi. Given’s mother conceived but kept it as a secret. When Mr Muzungu returned, he was made to believe that it was his pregnancy. Havoc ensued when Given was born. The hair, skin and colour was totally strange to Mr Muzungu. It was at this stage that Given and his mother were chased and went back to mulobezi. The Greek man was never seen nor heard of as he was whisked away for fear of being killed. It was then that Given was given that name as Given to simply sympathy. His surname is the mother’s maiden name who was once Mrs Muzungu.

You can, out of your volition deduce what character Given Lubinda can have.

That is why you will never hear Given talk about his father. Those really close to him say how bitter he is.

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