Zambian regime promises to deal with Germany envoy

Zambian regime promises to deal with Germany envoy


Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent sectary in charge of international relations Chalwe Lombe says the government is taking some action against German Ambassador Achim Burkart over the recent interviews he gave to the Media.

Lombe confirmed Media Reports, that discussions were held last night involving State House, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it was agreed that the latter would handle the matter.

He said minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji will issue a statement during the course of today on the outcome of the resolution against Ambassador Burkart.

“The minister will issue a statement today. This is the course of action we are taking today. We have discussed taking steps being undertaken today,” he said.

He said President Edgar Lungu had adopted a transparent approach in relation with the cooperating partners, that they were free to discuss all the matters of concern with him before they engaged the media.

“If we summon him we will let you know. If we ask him to pack his bags we will telll you that he has packed his bags. And if we will invite him for coffee, we will also tell you about that,” said Lombe.

Ambassador Burkart recently gave an interview to the Mesia, in which among other issues he said President Lungu’s pronouncements on corruption did not match his actions, like the pardoning of corruption-convict former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) commander Christopher Singogo, and keeping ministers that were facing corruption prosecution within Cabinet.

Ambassador Burkart also advised the government to reign in against those who were subdividing Forest 27, where ministers, the Chief Justice, Speaker of the National Assembly and President Lungu’s associates, among others had acquired land.

Ambassador Burkart further said there would be uproar in German if the Head of State there behaved in the same manner as President Lungu in referring as debatable the Constitutional Court judgment ordering the ministers, he instructed to remain in office, to repay all the money they earned illegally following the dissolution of Parliament in 2016.

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