Zambian regime summons British envoy over twits

Zambian regime summons British envoy over twits


The PF regime has summoned British High Commissioner to Zambia Cochrane-Dyet to explain his alleged misconduct and public attacks against government.

He is expected to appear at Foreign Affairs on Friday.

This follows Cochrane-Dyet repeated tweet attacks on President Edgar Lungu, Cabinet Ministers and government officials over corruption.

Sources confirmed to the Zambian Watchdog that Cochren-Dyet will appear on Friday at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Zambia Watchdog exclusive but Zambia Observer idiots will copy and paste.

In 2011, while serving as High Commissioner to Malawi, he was declared persona-non -grata and expelled from the country because of similar controversial and disparaging remarks against the Malawian government.

Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya warned Cochren-Dyet to avoid disparaging government on public platforms but use diplomatic channels to air his concerns.

Shortly after this, and true to his unrepentant nature, he tweeted:

*Thank you Hon. Minister of Scurrilous Misinformation intended to whip up trouble. UK fully supportive of #Zambia Govt incl its welcome measures tackling debt. In my role I am proud to champion democratic principles while flagging dangers of authoritarianism & corruption.*

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