Zambian regime to start registering phone handsets

Zambian regime to start registering phone handsets


The PF regime which is already condemned world wide for dictatorship will now require mobile phone users within Zambia to take their handsets to government offices to be activated.

The regime has crafted laws that will compel mobile companies to deactivate simcards until the owner of the simcard takes it to ZICTA for activation.

What this means is that the regime will now register both your simcard and handset.

The regime will also be approving apps one can download on their phone.

Transport and Communication minister Brian Mushimba claims these draconian laws are aimed at curbing social media abuse

Mushimba said when a person takes their handset to Zicta, govermment officials at Zicta will record the serial number of the handset and also lecture the phone owner on how they should use their phone.

Mushimba said the PF will further add more requirements for people to register simcards.
These new laws will make Zambia worse than China in terms of internet freedom restrictions.

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