Zambian researcher says his ‘sidelined’ AIDS formula is working

A Zambian researcher into the HIV/AIDS cure Howard Maila  has claimed that his formula for HIV/AIDS has not been exposed because of opposition from people whose jobs may be at risk if the results are made public.
Mr. Maila said his formula called the Mailacin underwent clinical trials in the previous government all of which were successful.
He has since appealed to the new government to adopt this project as it may be the answer to Zambia’s HIV/AIDS crisis as well as to the rest of the world.
Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Maila a science teacher in Ndola claimed that people that had been put on his formula have responded well and that no side effects have so far been observed.
He said his formula has also been successful in curing a number of other diseases including diabetes, ulcers, heart enlargement, brain tumors among other.
And a Lusaka resident Mooka Sishebo, who is also a user of the formula, said his viral load reduced while the CD4 count increased after taking the Mailacin formula.
Mr. Mooka said he has been living with the HIV virus for three years now and that he had never taken any Anti Retro Viral drugs (ARVs) but his condition has been improving with the formula.
Another user, Florence Banda, a nutritionist in Chilanga told ZANIS in a telephone interview that she was completely healed of a tumor in her stomach after taking the formula for a week.
Mrs. Banda said she went back to the University Teaching Hospital and the same doctor that diagnosed the tumor confirmed that she was cured.
Mr. Maila has in the last few years been pushing for clinical trials on his formula which he claims can heal a number of diseases including the HIV/AIDS.

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