Zambian soldiers sent on a wild goose chase in Barotseland


After failing to divide and rule the people of Barotseland through malicious lies, the Zambian Government is again manifesting its own insecurity and needless panic by committing the tax payers’ money to a fallacy.

Not so long ago, the same Government had claimed that some Barotseland Freedom Movement leaders in Kaoma were recruiting retired security personnel to a Barotse Army. When challenged the same Government failed to come up with evidence. We saw this as just an attempt to unnecessarily create chaos in Barotseland and in the same vein find a wicked alibi to arrest or kill those seen as Barotse activists. This plot shall not work.

Barotseland has been under military siege since just before the 2012 Barotse National Council. There are soldiers almost everywhere in the territory.

A week ago, truck loads of soldiers were seen heading towards Lukulu while fighter jets flew low around Mongu in a self declared show of support for the Litunga. Yesterday, 1st December 2012, three military helicopters left Mongu destined for Lukulu. They were followed by an aeroplane suspected to be carring Zambian troops.

This exercise is only a wild goose chase as there is no one recruiting people for a Barotseland Liberation Army. It is abuse of power by the President of Zambia. The Zambian Government is attempting to create a crisis where one does not exist. All that is needed is sensible dialogue over the Barotseland issue. Further spilling of innocent blood will only lead to more and unnecessary bloodshed which will most certainly be followed by the prosecution of the perpetrators. Creating a storm in a tea cup is just not the way to go about resolving the impasse at hand. We, therefore, call upon the Michael Sata led Government to face the reality of the Barotseland question through peaceful means. Certainly the Zambian people would not want their country plunged into an endless civil war in which only the devil will be the winner.

Shuwanga Shuwanga.

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