Zambian trucks burnt in South Africa xenophobia

By Michael Kaluba

Four Zambian trucks have been burnt in South Africa and a Zambian driver stabbed on the hand among those attacked in that country in the recent wave of violent protests against foreign truck drivers.

SADC Truck Drivers Association President Stanley Muluka confirmed this to Phoenix News and disclosed that there are currently over 100 Zambian truck drivers in harm’s way within South Africa and has advised those that have not made the trip to that country yet, to remain in Zambia.

Mr. Muluka has also suggested that the Zambian government engages the South African government to agree on a drop off and pick up point for trucks from respective countries so that truck drivers from either country are stopped from entering both countries as a long term solution to recurring violence.

He adds that it is regrettable that South African truck drivers have continued acting violently against truck drivers from other nations while they receive VIP treatment in Zambia.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Major General Jackson Miti yesterday warned Zambian truck drivers travelling to and from that country to be cautious on the roads following recent violent attacks against foreign drivers in some parts of that country.

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