Zambians vent their anger at Lungu’s embarrassing refusal to appear on BBC

Hundreds of Zambians have blasted President Edgar Lungu for his embarrassing refusal to appear on BBC to talk about how his regime is dealing with the depreciation of the Kwacha, load shedding and whether mining companies like Glencore are paying enough taxes. The programme was supposed to be aired live at 19:30 hours Zambian time. But as BBC presenters were just about to start the programme at 19:28 hours, they were informed that the Zambian president had changed his mind.
This prompted Zambians to react by posting messages on BBC Africa Facebook page.

Clement Banda wrote: ‘what do u expect, a man who can’t even hold a press briefing, don’t blame President Lungu,he told us that he had no vision and wisdom. But we went further and voted for him and when he won the election we danced and celebrated the whole night. I don’t know what we saw in these man.’

Elina Munoke said ‘Well we are not surprised. He must have been drunk on some whiskey. This is the incompetent man we have ruling us. He has said it before now and I quote “I have no vision for Zambia”. This is the result. Absolute embarrassment.’

Omark Chisha wrote. ‘And these cadres with no vision and goals to achieve in their life just like their president Edger Lungu they are proud to say Ifintu ni Lungu, what a president for people’s fools PF…..and it’s government.’
Michael Nkhoma had this to say ‘This man doesn’t know anything besides drinking alcohol. He chickened out during presidential debate. During campaigns he said he has no vision for the country and the people of Zambia. It is only a corrupt ring of high level politicians that are keeping him in power.
If you want a proper in-depth interview, interview our president Hakainde hichilema aka HH.’
‘I didn’t see this coming…. am so ashamed to be Zambia,’ complained Chileleko Mudenda Buumba.

Chilufya Chichi Katongo no one knows the real reason why he was no longer available his president many thngs come up!bt all in all I hope he has a valied reason for not attending this interview and I hope he manages too soon enough

Ben Mule said, ‘It’s a global problem, don’t blame the president. Due to development in international vocal chords, president are failing to speak when far away from home.’

Theidore Chanda said ‘in times like this I miss former president chiluba,just the way he used to articulate issues,he wud’ve spoken a good english,now bashi tasila,awe kuwayawaya fye.
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