Zambians want food not bicycles, says GBM

Zambians want food not bicycles, says GBM

UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba says Zambians want food to plan their lives and jobs to take care of their families but outgoing president  Edgar Lungu can’t see that and instead of providing food he gives hungry people bicycles to ride on a hungry stomachs.

GBM who was campaigning in Chingola and Chililabombwe on Thursday says being on the Copperbelt for the last two days ‘has been the best because I have learnt the truth about life on the Copperbelt which the Patriotic Front is pretending not to see’.  He said miners and their families are suffering with wives struggling to feed their families.

‘And then Edgar says it it is well and thinks of giving such people bicycles; now I understand why most of the people given bicycles are selling them to get money to buy Mealie meal.

‘Just as well his term has ended and the UPND whose vision is to make Zambia a better place to live will be forming government,’ GBM said.

GBM said the UPND takes food issues seriously ‘because we want Zambians to have enough food so that they think of investing and then fulfil their dreams’ .

He said the few investors that are in Zambia ‘have enough food that’s why they think of investing while the majority of Zambians have the potential to invest but because of poverty all they think of is money to buy food pay school fees water and electricity’.

‘Like my President Hichilema says UPND will run government as a business and that is what Copperbelt needs,’ GBM said.

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