Zambian woman dumps twins at Zim border, arrested and deported

A Zambian woman who dumped her minor twins at the Victoria Falls Border Post has been deported from Zimbabwe after being sentenced to a suspended six months in jail.

Constance Sililo, 32, of Indego Extension in Livingstone, Zambia, dumped the twins aged 28 months on Thursday last week after failing to meet their father, Edmund Mutsinze, a Zimbabwean truck driver. The two had arranged to meet in Victoria Falls to discuss the future of their children.

Sililo pleaded guilty to exposing an infant charge when she appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Rangarirai Gakanje on Tuesday. The Zimbabwean magistrate sentenced her to six months imprisonment which were wholly suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour. In mitigation, Sililo told the court that it wasn’t her intention to dump the twins but she was desperate and wanted their father to take responsibility. “I never intended to dump my children but I wanted their father to take care of them. I’ve been

struggling because he has never supported them. I plead with the court not to imprison me as I have other children to take care of,” she said. Sililo was immediately deported back to Zambia while the children were surrendered into the custody of Alexinar Mpuli Chimwanga, her sister based in Livingstone.

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