Zambian woman held in India over drugs

A 40-year-old Zambian woman has been arrested at Mumbai Airport in India while she was attempting to smuggle out illegal drugs.

Joyce Ngona  was caught hiding methaqualone Wednesday midnight. The presence of the drug was confirmed by a male sniffer dog who began barking after sniffing her bag.

Ngona Joyce was slated to board a South African Airways flight to Johannesburg from where she was destined to go to Gabaron in Botswana. “Unfortunately for her, she had missed the same flight two days ago since she turned up late at the airport. She had arrived from New Delhi. During the customs check, she was found to be looking around nervously when our officers began asking her questions. The dog Amol and his handler came in by then and Amol started barking thereby indicating the presence of the drugs,” said a customs officer.

The drug was concealed in cardboard with lace wrapped around it. Amol is a one-and-a-half year-old purebred Labrador.
According to additional commissioner (Air Intelligence Unit) Milind Lanjewar, Joyce claims she was not aware of the contents as it was handed over to her by one of her cousins in Delhi. “We however took her statement and charged her with relevant sections of the NDPS Act,” Mr Lanjewar said.

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