Zambian woman may face Chinese firing squad over drug trafficking

Zambian woman may face Chinese firing squad over drug trafficking

Chinese firing squad at work

A 34 year old Zambian businesswoman risks a possible death penalty by a firing squad after being arrested in China for drug trafficking.

Monica Seketi was arrested at Hong Kong International Airport for trafficking in over 700 grams of cocaine.Seketi was arrested by the Customs and Exercise Officers after she was discovered to be carrying cocaine in her body.

Details are not yet clear whether she was entering or exiting China.

She is waiting for her verdict to be passed by the Hong Kong High Court this month, said the Zambia Drug Enforcement Commission.

She becomes a second Zambian woman to be arrested in that country for drug trafficking after Mary Musiyalike was sentenced to death by firing squad about two years ago.

China has one of the toughest drug laws in the world with a minimum sentence of death by hanging or firing squad.

Meanwhile, DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has revealed that DEC has FIRED Frank TayalI.

Tayali was Chief Investigations Officer under the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit AMLIU.

The termination of his employment follows the flouting of code of conduct for the Commission officers, explained Nyawali.


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